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Hawkfield Manor Grassfed & Grass-finished Beef will be an optional CSA option with The Redding Roost Farm???

YES!!! A Popular option right now that more and more people are taking advantage of, is a "CSA" or "Community Supported Agriculture" box or package.

Customers prepay for a certain time frame, and the farmers agree to supply the customer with products from their farm on a weekly or monthly basis. Now, every farm has their CSA set up differently - but the best way to describe all CSA's is: A subscription that is competitive.

You want to make sure to sign up for the CSA relatively quickly once they become available, as farmers often have limited slots. You'll usually pay up front for an agreed-upon order cycle, and then sit back and enjoy the process as your farmer (Or in our case, Rancher...) produces the goods for your future orders! This guarantees the farmer/rancher has a buyer for their product and helps provide them with income during the investment stage of producing (Processor fees, seeds, irrigation, yearly farm taxes, etc.), and guarantees you'll get wholesome products in season, on a reliable basis from farmers/ranchers that share your passion for regenerative agriculture, and the benefits of nonGMO, organic, and grass finished meats.

To learn more about Redding Roost CSA options, visit this link!

To learn more about the Hawkfield Manor CSA option, watch this video, and visit the above link!

We hope to have Hawkfield Manor's CSA option up and available SOON, along with the other CSA options at Redding Roost. This Hawkfield Manor CSA option is EXCLUSIVELY available with The Redding Roost Farm CSA, and won't be listed on our farm store. 

If you have questions, email us at hawkfieldmanor@gmail.com


Your Monthly Hawkfield Manor CSA box includes the following:

  • 8lbs Ground Beef
  • 1 Beef Roast (2-3lbs)
  • 1 Miscellaneous Beef Package (Either Stir Fry, Stew Beef, Short Ribs, or Patties)

Our beef is hung for 2 weeks at the processor for a perfect balance of tender aging, flavor, and color. Thanks to the fantastic quality of frozen packaging and freezer labels, you can store them up to a year or more. Hawkfield Manor Beef is Grass-fed, Grass-finished, has No added Hormones and No added Antibiotics. This means you can count on the beef having only healthy fats, their gut being pure up to the point of processing and free of harmful bacteria, and no hormones or antibiotics to be sure nothing unwanted is consumed by you or your family and friends. Grass-fed beef grows much slower and more naturally than grain or corn fed cows, and often when processed at 2-3 years of age they yield less than a grain fed cow. This brings up the cost of raising the cow, and therefore its value. While not for everyone, we love our grassfed beef and we hope you will too.

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