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Silvopasture Management

Are you local to the NC Triangle and have plans to maximize your wooded areas for livestock and maximize its potential for farm use?

Hawkfield Manor is available to schedule consultations with you at your farm/ranch. We work with homesteaders and farmers to plan the next steps, and if you wish us to, we help you implement them. 

To schedule your consultation, reach out to us at hawkfieldmanor@gmail.com

We are passionate about Silvopasture management and other regenerative farming methods that help restore native grasses, build up soil, and provide ideal grazing areas for livestock here in North Carolina. We have been using these practices on our cattle pastures for over 11 years, and are going on year 3 of management at our new homestead, too.  Our hope is to share that passion with other homesteaders and farmers/ranchers in the area, and help them achieve their goals with Silvopasture management. Website Header3.jpg

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