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Bulk Order - DEPOSIT

Hawkfield Manor

1 DEPOSIT PAYMENT - Beef Quarter, June | Approx 1 DEPOSIT ONLY for beef Quarter = $200.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 DEPOSIT PAYMENT - Beef Half, June | Approx 1 DEPOSIT ONLY for Beef 1/2 = $500.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock

Placing a bulk order requires a non-refundable deposit. Be sure to read the following before adding the deposit item of your choice to your shopping cart.

Getting a beef Half or Quarter from Hawkfield Manor is a multi-step process and it is important to understand what is required:

This purchase is a DEPOSIT
It reserves your slot and goes toward your total purchase price.

FIRST – Please note the Processing date/slot you are making a deposit for - you will be required to pick-up the day your beef is completed at the processor and picked up by us.

SECOND – download/save and complete the appropriate cut sheet questionnaire for your order (half or quarter) and we will reach out for further instructions if we haven’t already connected. NO SPECIAL ORDERS on questionnaires at this time.

We process every 2 months, our beef is hung for 2 weeks, and we are 100% at the mercy of our processor for the finish date.
It has been done in 17 days before, and it’s been done in 25 days before. We cannot guarantee finish date but will be in contact as soon as they call us and we can arrange pickup.

Weights are variable.
Beef Quarters average 100lbs, and Beef Halves average 200lbs. We charge by the actual beef weight, which means we must have time when finished and picked up, to check and weigh your beef. Your final balance is due (after subtracting your deposit).

We fill out the complex cut sheet with your custom quarter or half selections, so please complete the cut sheet questionnaire and ask us if you have questions/need help.

Our beef is Grassfed and Grass-finished
Due to the fat content in our ground beef it is comparable to a "Store bought" 90/10. This is the beauty of Grassfed/Grass-Finished, vs. Grassfed/Grain-finished or Grainfed/Grain finished.

SALES ARE FINAL – if you have never had Grass-finished beef, we recommend you do not order a quarter beef until you’ve tried it.
"Grassfed beef" is not always grass-finished. Ours is both. This means it is bursting with flavor and yet lean. It also means some people miss the grained fat-marbling from other beef they've eaten. This is our warning that we will not accept a custom Beef Half returned because you do not care for it.

We have been selling beef halves since 2011, and have thousands of customers who love our beef, so don’t let this caution alarm you! We highly recommend getting one of our beef sampler boxes to try Grass-finished, or at the very least trying a package of ground beef and a steak to be sure that you will be delighted with your investment in bulk Hawkfield Manor grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

You must be willing to collect your beef same day it is finished. Once we contact you, arrangements MUST be made that day to collect your beef. Options are:
>>Local to Roxboro: Farm Pickup, Roxboro Farmers Market, or Free Delivery
>>RDU/Triangle Area: Farm Pickup, Processor Pickup, or for a fee of $20 we can meet you at a Farm Drop location (North Durham, Wake Forest, Cary)

Our Prices MAY fluctuate.
The Processor gives us approximately 1 month warning before prices change. When/if they do, we will contact you with the new price and options: Be refunded the deposit and forfeit the slot OR agree to the price increase and keep your slot.

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